James Kretchmar
VP and CTO
Akamai Technologies

James Kretchmar is Vice President and CTO for Akamai's Media and Carrier Division, driving technical strategy for delivering the highest quality media at scale over the Internet. In this role Mr. Kretchmar works with customers and partners whose challenges require technology that’s beyond the leading edge of the industry today. This ranges from serving broadcast quality video over the Internet to very large audiences, to delivering high performance, high reliability website experiences, to securing sites and infrastructure from the largest, most sophisticated attacks on the Internet. Mr. Kretchmar also runs innovation programs with Akamai’s telco carrier partners to advance next generation technologies for delivering content on the Internet.

Previously he served as Chair of Akamai's Architecture Board, responsible for review and oversight of technical designs for Akamai's globally distributed intelligent platform, as well as providing company-wide technical guidance. Mr. Kretchmar came to Akamai from MIT in 2004 and during his tenure has also served as Architect for Akamai's Mapping and Network Management systems. He is a published author on Network Administration and speaks several languages.