Pre-con 25th

Aimed at IT & digital c-suit executives, day-1 is a unique opportunity to meet and network with leading providers of edge computing and infrastructure.

If you’re asking the below questions, then you need attend The Edge Enterprise Forum at Edge Congress Europe 2020?

  • How will my organisation achieve “industry 4.0”?
  • How will technologies such as Edge computing, IoT and 5G impact me and my operations?
  • How will edge computing impact my strategic challenges and what opportunities are currently on the market?
  • Where can I network with key edge and data center providers?

Edge Congress 26th

The event is held to drive forward the discussion focusing on technology, commercial and regulatory challenges whilst illustrating how these challenges translate into investment and market opportunities for different members of the world compute eco-system.

Passes available:

  • Gold Ticket – access to both days exclusive content that won’t be found anywhere else.
  • Euro Ticket – access to day 2 only