25th March - The Edge Enterprise forum

  • 1300
  • Industrial data demand: an engine for growth at the Edge?
    The opening presentation will give an overview of why the appetite for data across various enterprise verticals has soared in recent years, exploring key drivers such as customer expectations for heightened digital and immersive experiences and the efficiency opportunity that automation can bring. Discussing the role of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, 5G, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Automation, Real-time Networks and beyond, this session gives context to why data storage, processing and networking at the core, cloud and the edge are now integral to the operational strategy of the modern enterprise.
  • 1330
  • The Automotive Edge
    Panel discussion: "The Automotive sector is dead" — Why integrated software and computing is redefining the modern day vehicle
    Elon Musk was quoted saying the new Tesla S model was nothing more than a "sophisticated computer on wheels." Automotive players are rapidly innovating to provide the very latest in-vehicle software and digital services to appeal to a customer base with increasingly high expectations. With a spike in demand for services such as voice-activated assistance, content delivery, automated mapping and artificial intelligence all from the comfort of the dashboard, automotive players are radically overhauling the traditional focus on engineering and design to become "software providers on wheels." What are the infrastructure implications of this new data? Will Edge in-vehicle and roadside solutions provide the ideal conduit for the exponential data growth? How reliant are automotive providers on "traditional" cloud? Will IT providers be able to provide sufficient levels of interconnectivity between infrastructures to meet the needs of the automotive sector? How will collaboration between IT providers and the automotive sector shape out?

    Why Edge will prove critical to autonomous vehicle solutions – and why 5G might not
    Although 5G will be crucial to provide the bandwidth and connectivity necessary for complex applications relating to autonomous vehicles, it is now universally accepted that 5G cannot ever be completely omnipresent or offer 100% uptime. So what happens when safety critical applications go offline? This session will discuss why in-vehicle Edge solutions will be integral to Autonomous vehicles achieving the regulatory green-light and gaining the trust of customers.

    Panel discussion: From the cloud to the roadside — connecting up devices, autonomous vehicles and core infrastructure
    Autonomous vehicles will not be able to function safely without extensive connectivity and real-time data networking. With the requirements for in-vehicle IoT Edge devices, Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, interactive GIS Mapping and interconnection services across data centre and cloud provision, collaborative practice and alignment between industries will be pivotal to the future of the AV.
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  • Refreshment break
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  • The Manufacturing Edge
    The realities of Industry 4.0: IIoT, real-time networks, automation and ultra-low latency capabilities
    Manufacturing has seen a small revolution when it comes to utilising data to drive efficiency. The rise in IoT, predictive maintenance and virtual factories means that a whole host of applications, software solutions and data storage requirements are in hot demand. One of the most often cited use cases for Edge is that of a "Smart factory" which will require real-time networks and thereby, ultra-low latency through on-premise micro data centres and device edge for various machines and tools within any given factory. This session will discuss what the ongoing priorities are for manufacturers, how they are planning to implement the edge on the factory floor and what infrastructure providers can do to meet these needs.

    A case study with German Edge Cloud: factory floor automation and the Edge opportunity
    German Edge Cloud are leading the charge when it comes to on-premise solutions for manufacturers seeking localised, secure, low-latency storage solutions. A senior representative will discuss the product, market response and give their own vision for how manufacturing edge may evolve into the future.

    A question of privacy and security: why are manufacturers dodging cloud and diverting to edge?
    Ensuring security and privacy of sensitive industrial data for manufacturers has proved a key driver of edge. With high-profile initiatives such as Gaia-X making the headlines, this session will explore how Edge computing could resolve some of concerns manufacturers have held when it comes to cloud migration and the exposure this could bring.

26th March - Edge Europe Congress

  • 0900
  • Opening remarks
  • 0905
  • Keynote address: Defining the Edge once and for all — a true market outlook for industry players
  • 0925
  • A visionary keynote: building a connected ecosystem for IoT, Robotics and Edge Computing
    David Bruemmer, Chief Executive Officer, Adaptive Motion Group
  • 0945
  • Panel discussion: Architects of the Edge – opportunities, trends and tangible deployments
    As we mark the beginning of a new decade and the Edge market continues to formalise, this panel of industry leaders will discuss the broad strategic priorities for the industry, reflecting on current market activity and how this will inform future strategy. Topics include:
    • Tier, Micro, Telco, Autonomous, Cloud, Device, Content….What are the various "Edge definitions" to date and are there any clear examples we can see coming through in the market?
    • Successful business models at the Edge: what's happening right now and what will the future look like? Why are certain companies failing at the Edge? What does it take to launch a successful product in this market?
    • Edge demand: Have the often cited use cases of Autonomous Cars and Smart manufacturing proved worthwhile ventures? Across which modern-day verticals exists early-stage demand? And where should we anticipate later-stage adoption?
    • When is the Edge going to take off? Should players be sharpening their teeth on early stage adopters or lying in wait for the big ticket demand to come in? Are we in a chicken & egg scenario with Edge right now? If we build it will they come?
    AJ Byers, President International, Compass Data Centers
    Marc Elian Belgin, Chief Executive Officer, Sixsq
    Eddie Kilbane, Chief Executive Officer, Dataplex
    Manjari Govada, Vice President, Digital Colony
    Mathieu Duperre, Chief Executive Officer, EdgeGap
    Savio Rodrigues, Vice President, IBM Edge Computing Offering Management & Engineering
  • 1035
  • Morning refreshments
  • 1105
  • An A to Z of Enterprise activity: tangible use cases & market drivers
    Market drivers and enterprise appetite is potentially one of the biggest commercial challenges for modern-day Edge providers. This session will seek to unravel that mystery by hearing from an array of industry leaders and experts implementing Edge solutions across Automotive, Telecoms, Gaming, Manufacturing, retail and many more.
  • 1105
  • Top 10 real-world use cases for Edge Analytics in Industry 4.0
    Martin Thunman, Chief Executive Officer,
  • 1125
  • Digitizing on the edge - the case of the railway industry
    In this talk we will present insights from an innovative mission-critical IIoT edge pilot project for connected trains and explain why it is an edge case. We will share how we are achieving efficient data synchronization across edge nodes, monitoring and analyzing data along railways tracks, enabling new use cases.
    Vivien Dollinger, Chief Executive Officer, ObjectBox
  • 1135
  • Is Intelligent Edge Necessary for Edge Intelligence?
    What is an intelligent edge versus Edge Intelligence? While digital transformation brings efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction, it introduced high stress on the IT and dev-ops team of the enterprise. Is enterprise IT and dev-ops team geared up to manage the large and distributed IT infrastructure of edge computing? Do we need an intelligent edge to build edge intelligence?
    Chetan Kumar, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, AiKaan Labs
  • 1145
  • Towards a neutral Edge
    Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis
  • 1200
  • IoT Edge-centric application development. Solutions and frameworks
    Artak Avetyan, Chief Executive Officer, AREGTech
  • 1225
  • Warm-up presentation & Panel discussion: What you keeping getting wrong about the Edge & how to fix it
    In this session industry leaders will lay out how the Edge is developing in reality amongst a host of providers and customers. The session will explore what it takes to make a successful business model at the Edge, how to identify customer needs and what the implications are for infrastructure, IoT, telecoms and other participants.
    Chair: Duncan Clubb, Senior Director, Data Centre & IT Consulting, CBRE
    Christian Koch, Director of Special Projects, PacketFabric
    Johan Pellicaan, Vice President & Manager Director, EMEA, Scale Computing
    Vache Asatryan, Chief Product Officer,
  • 1255
  • Lunch
  • 1345
  • Kick-starting your Edge solution – resolving pain points with the right technology
    1. Scalable performance with 5G and edge – the role of URLLC and compute acceleration to enable new business models
    Christoph Goertz, Independent Consultant
    2. A sustainable edge – what are the right solutions for energy efficiency at the Edge?
    3. Resolving heterogeneity at the edge: the role of Open Source, Kubernetes and Edge Native Applications
    4. Safe & secure at the edge – safeguarding the network and physical protection of assets
  • 1425
  • FINVEST meets the EDGE
    Kick-starting your Edge portfolio – identifying ROI in a vibrant marketplace

    1. Bringing Cloud Economics to the Edge Model: bottlenecks and opportunities for IT infrastructure providers
    Vache Asatryan, Chief Product Officer, Mutable
    2. Dissecting the value chain at the edge – where lies the best opportunity for investors?
    3. From hyper scale to the Edge – aligning seamless integration of an Autonomous location-based Edge with the Co-location model
    4. Re-defining the real estate play: shifting mentality from square footage to urban proximity
    5. Data-sharing at the Edge – privacy and legislation in the current climate
  • 1505
  • Refreshment break
  • 1525
  • The EU Lightkone Project: Data sharing at the Edge
    Dr. Annette Bieniusa, University of Kaiserslautern, Senior Member, LightKone Project
  • 1545
  • GAIA-X: A supra-national framework for Cloud, data sovereignty and security
    Harald Summa, Chairman, DE-CIX & Board Spokesperson, GAIA-X
  • 1605
  • Interactive Q&A Panel discussion: A final say on the future of edge – collaboration will be king?
    With representation from across the Edge playbook, this session will give a full and frank overview on the current status of edge, where we need to go and how collaboration and partnerships will shape the future.
    Bin Ni, Vice President of Engineering, CDNetworks
    Darius Singh, Senior Consultant & Healthcare Lead, STL Partners
  • 1635
  • End of conference & closing remarks
  • 1640
  • Drinks reception