• 0900
  • Opening remarks
  • 0905
  • Keynote address: Defining the Edge once and for all — a true market outlook for industry players
  • 0925
  • The data explosion in 2020 and beyond: understanding the drivers of decentralisation
  • 0945
  • Panel discussion: Architects of the Edge – opportunities, trends and tangible deployments
    As we mark the beginning of a new decade and the Edge market continues to formalise, this panel of industry leaders will discuss the broad strategic priorities for the industry, reflecting on current market activity and how this will inform future strategy. Topics include:
    • Tier, Micro, Telco, Autonomous, Cloud, Device, Content….What are the various "Edge definitions" to date and are there any clear examples we can see coming through in the market?
    • Successful business models at the Edge: what's happening right now and what will the future look like? Why are certain companies failing at the Edge? What does it take to launch a successful product in this market?
    • Edge demand: Have the often cited use cases of Autonomous Cars and Smart manufacturing proved worthwhile ventures? Across which modern-day verticals exists early-stage demand? And where should we anticipate later-stage adoption?
    • When is the Edge going to take off? Should players be sharpening their teeth on early stage adopters or lying in wait for the big ticket demand to come in? Are we in a chicken & egg scenario with Edge right now? If we build it will they come?
  • 1035
  • Morning refreshments
  • 1105
  • An A to Z of Enterprise activity: tangible use cases & market drivers
    Market drivers and enterprise appetite is potentially one of the biggest commercial challenges for modern-day Edge providers. This session will seek to unravel that mystery by hearing from an array of industry leaders implementing the Edge in their business across Automotive, Telecoms, Gaming, Manufacturing, retail and many more.
    Open call for Edge use cases: We're looking for never before seen cutting-edge examples of Edge in action – if you're working in this space or could recommend a relevant player please reach out to
  • 1225
  • Warm-up presentation & Panel discussion: What you keeping getting wrong about the Edge & how to fix it
    In this session industry leaders will lay out how the Edge is developing in reality amongst a host of providers and customers. The session will explore what it takes to make a successful business model at the Edge, how to identify customer needs and what the implications are for infrastructure, IoT, telecoms and other participants.
  • 1255
  • Lunch
  • 1345
  • Kick-starting your Edge solution – resolving pain points with the right technology
    1. A sustainable edge – what are the right solutions for energy efficiency at the Edge?
    2. Interconnection at the Edge – ensuring coverage, resiliency and security
    3. Artificial Intelligence and Automation – generating cost-cutting opportunities for your end-users
    4. Compute requirements and hardware demands – will traditional Racks survive the edge?
    5. Safe & secure at the edge – safeguarding the network and physical protection
  • 1425
  • FINVEST meets the EDGE
    Kick-starting your Edge portfolio – identifying ROI in a vibrant marketplace

    1. M&A in the Edge space: creating an '"end to end" service model with the right partners
    2. Dissecting the value chain at the edge – where lies the best opportunity for investors?
    3. From hyper scale to the Edge – aligning seamless integration of an Autonomous location-based Edge with the Co-location model
    4. Re-defining the real estate play: shifting mentality from square footage to urban proximity
    5. Data-sharing at the Edge – privacy and legislation in the current climate
  • 1505
  • Refreshment break
  • 1525
  • The final piece of the puzzle for connectivity providers – reviving the shared infrastructure model
  • 1545
  • Levelling the playing field: open source adoption and aligning interoperability standards for a commercial, scalable edge
  • 1605
  • Interactive Q&A Panel discussion: A final say on the future of edge – collaboration will be king?
    With representation from across the Edge playbook, this session will give a full and frank overview on the current status of edge, where we need to go and how collaboration and partnerships will shape the future.
  • 1635
  • End of conference & closing remarks
  • 1640
  • Drinks reception