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  • Opening remarks
    Chair: Nyree Scales, Content Manager, Edge Series, BroadGroup
  • 0905
  • Keynote address: Defining the Edge once and for all — a true market outlook for industry players
  • 0925
  • Keynote address: From Hyperscale to the local edge — reconfiguring the data center service model
  • 0945
  • A visionary keynote: building a connected ecosystem for IoT, Robotics and Edge Computing
    David Bruemmer, Chief Executive Officer, Adaptive Motion Group
  • 1005
  • Panel discussion: Architects of the Edge – opportunities, trends and tangible deployments
    As we mark the beginning of a new decade and the Edge market continues to formalise, this panel of industry leaders will discuss the broad strategic priorities for the industry, reflecting on current market activity and how this will inform future strategy. Topics include:
    • Tier, Micro, Telco, Autonomous, Cloud, Device, Content….What are the various "Edge definitions" to date and are there any clear examples we can see coming through in the market?
    • Successful business models at the Edge: what's happening right now and what will the future look like? Why are certain companies failing at the Edge? What does it take to launch a successful product in this market?
    • Edge demand: Have the often cited use cases of Autonomous Cars and Smart manufacturing proved worthwhile ventures? Across which modern-day verticals exists early-stage demand? And where should we anticipate later-stage adoption?
    • When is the Edge going to take off? Should players be sharpening their teeth on early stage adopters or lying in wait for the big ticket demand to come in? Are we in a chicken & egg scenario with Edge right now? If we build it will they come?
    Chair: David Keegan, Chief Executive Officer, Dci2
    AJ Byers, President International, Compass Data Centers
    Marc Elian Belgin, Chief Executive Officer, Sixsq
    Eddie Kilbane, Chief Executive Officer, Dataplex
    Manjari Govada, Vice President, Digital Colony
    Mathieu Duperre, Chief Executive Officer, EdgeGap
    Savio Rodrigues, Vice President, IBM Edge Computing Offering Management & Engineering
  • 1055
  • Morning refreshments
  • An A to Z of Enterprise activity: tangible use cases & market drivers
    Market drivers and enterprise appetite is potentially one of the biggest commercial challenges for modern-day Edge providers. Through a series of insightful presentations, the mid-morning agenda will seek to unravel that mystery by hearing from an array of industry leaders and experts implementing Edge across Automotive, Telecoms, Gaming, Manufacturing, retail and many more.
  • 1135
  • Top 10 real-world use cases for Edge Analytics in Industry 4.0
    Martin Thunman, Chief Executive Officer,
  • 1155
  • Digitizing on the edge - the case of the railway industry
    In this talk we will present insights from an innovative mission-critical IIoT edge pilot project for connected trains and explain why it is an edge case. We will share how we are achieving efficient data synchronization across edge nodes, monitoring and analyzing data along railways tracks, enabling new use cases.
    Vivien Dollinger, Chief Executive Officer, ObjectBox
  • 1215
  • The Manufacturing case: Collection and processing of industrial data at the edge to improve detection efficiency by 80%
    Yin Ding, Chief Virtualization Technologist, Futurewei
  • 1225
  • IoT Edge-centric application development. Solutions and frameworks
    Artak Avetyan, Chief Executive Officer, AREGTech
  • 1245
  • Warm-up presentation & Panel discussion: What you keeping getting wrong about the Edge & how to fix it
    In this session industry leaders will lay out how the Edge is developing in reality amongst a host of providers and customers. The session will explore what it takes to make a successful business model at the Edge, how to identify customer needs and what the implications are for infrastructure, IoT, telecoms and other participants.
    Chair: Duncan Clubb, Senior Director, Data Centre & IT Consulting, CBRE
    Christian Koch, Director of Special Projects, PacketFabric
    Johan Pellicaan, Vice President & Manager Director, EMEA, Scale Computing
    Vache Asatryan, Chief Product Officer,
  • 1315
  • Lunch
  • 1415
  • Towards a Neutral Edge Model: three emerging models for commercial edge
    Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis
  • 1435
  • Designing the secure, resilient, sustainable Edge data center: shaping up the strategy for construction, power and cooling providers
    This presentation will address some key challenges when it comes to Edge data center design, cooling and power requirements. In seeking to meet the sustainability goals and customer expectations; how will resilient, sustainable power can be provided across a distributed network of Edge modules? How are Edge data centers being constructed and designed to be resilient, secure and cost-effective?
  • 1455
  • The connectivity conundrum: how will network distribution, capacity and density shape the edge?
    5G and Wi-fi 6 both promise vastly intensified speeds, bandwidth and ubiquity across national mobile networks. However, how will these solutions interplay with Edge computing? Where are the demand drivers and will 5G need the Edge more than Edge needs 5G? How will ubiquity be achieved and what current solutions exist to provide the right balance in public versus private Edge solutions to drive 5G forward? Will IoT and the data processed at the edge being transferred to the cloud require a restructuring of current networks? And will the low-latency needed for new tech such as AI, autonomous vehicles and smart manufacturing be achieved by adapting current network models, their capacity, distribution and local presence? And of course, where will Edge computing sit in all of this?
    Sarah Mills, Director for Network Operators, SSE Telecom
    Lee Norvall, Director of Cloud, DCI
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  • Refreshment break
  • 1605
  • The EU Lightkone Project: Data sharing at the Edge
    Dr. Annette Bieniusa, University of Kaiserslautern, Senior Member, LightKone Project
  • 1625
  • GAIA-X: A supra-national framework for Cloud, data sovereignty and security
    Harald Summa, Chairman, DE-CIX & Board Spokesperson, GAIA-X
  • 1645
  • Interactive Q&A Panel discussion: A final say on the future of edge – collaboration will be king?
    With representation from across the Edge playbook, this session will give a full and frank overview on the current status of edge, where we need to go and how standards, interoperability, collaboration and partnerships will shape the future.
    David Keegan, Chief Executive Officer, Dci2
    Darius Singh, Senior Consultant & Healthcare Lead, STL Partners
    Jacques Fluet, Director, Edge Data Center Program, Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
    Vache Asatryan, Chief Product Officer,
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  • Closing remarks, Chair
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  • End of conference
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  • Drinks reception