Thought Leadership and Insight from Andreas Keiger, Executive Vice President Global Business Unit IT, Rittal, Germany

For this edition of Edge Talks, we spoke to Andreas Keiger, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

1. We have heard the term Edge Computing often used. But what exactly is it?

Edge Computing occurs when processing, storage and services are being pushed towards the source of the data. This guarantees massive advantages, such as low latency, autonomy of the devices with local data processing and maximum security.

2. How will edge computing change the IT industry?

Edge Datacenter – however they may look like – form an infrastructure with other Edge Datacenter, Leaf Datacenter and their centralized Core Datacenter. Due to that, Edge Datacenter have to be highly standardized, scalable and of highest quality. But to meet these demands, even in rough environments, edge data centers need to be put to use to manage the information and deliver information in real time to help improve product quality, traceability, and availability.

3. How do you see the advent of edge data centres impacting hosting infrastructure?

The size of an edge datacenter can range from one cabinet to a complete data center container. A network of edge datacenters, e.g. used by streaming providers, is geographically distributed, but seen as one big datacenter. The challenge here is the optimal distribution of the load in response to the dynamically changing needs of end users. For manufacturers of edge solutions, the challenges are efficiency and security.

4. How do you think the Edge will impact the everyday citizen?

Most citizens will be affected by improvements in the public sector (e-government), smart administrative services will reduce bureaucracy and complexity. Security and environmental conditions in public will be improved by optimized infrastructure in cities through control of street lamps or traffic lights and video surveillance in public places as well as intelligent public transportation and smart mobility. Besides, Smart Healthcare will enhance the quality of patient care through connected medicine technology, mobile health and big data health service.
To meet all these requirements it is essential to process the data right where it is needed.

Andreas Keiger will be at Edge Europe in Amsterdam on 31 January. Meet him there!