As data is generated at ever more exponential rates, and globally moves us towards the age of Yottabyte, so compute processing power disperses across enterprise, and cloud resources shift closer to the user. Massive amounts of data draw compute in, away from the core, which is the Edge. This trend for a more distributed architecture will multiply and expand as the convergence of new technologies and developments such as IoT, 5G, AI, autonomous cars and smart cities, connected things, microdatacenters and Edge facilities, enable new ways of analysing and managing data as well as increasing latency which existing infrastructure would not be able to manage.

With strong market drivers, the shift to Edge represents the most profound change that will impact possibly for decades to come. Early deployment particularly evident in North America is expected to deploy in Europe and Asia, and achieve significant growth over the next 5 years globally with industry predictions of connections billions of installed devices and embedded sensors.  

Agenda Themes…

  • Leaders at the Edge

    Will cover broad strategic priorities for edge, exploring how the market has developed to date and the direction in which it is going.
  • An overview of Enterprise activity & strategy

    Speakers from across multiple verticals to give short insightful presentations on their IT strategy.
  • Roundtables Series

    Roundtables – 1 expert chair hosting a discussion with 10-15 industry attendees with an interest in specific topic, focused around a particular pain point or financial challenge – gives ability for audience to explore more niche topics & to have a more interactive learning experience. Emphasise opportunity to get your key questions on the Edge answered, say goodbye to confusion on Edge.
  • Injecting life into the ecosystem at the Edge

    A discussion on the role of ecosystem building, collaboration, partnerships, start-up and early stage technology acquisitions, “End to End” Edge solutions, alongside the role of frameworks, standards and architectures for interoperability, Edge native technology & open source.

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