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  • Chairman’s Opening Remarks
    Iain Gillott, President, IGR (iGillottResearch, Inc.)
  • 0900h
  • Opening Keynote Presentation: From Buzzwords to Reality – Managing Edge Data Centers
    As the industry continues to embrace the opportunities presented by edge computing, one might question if we are at the peak of the Gartner ‘hype-cycle’. Regardless of hype, what seems certain is that the new hybrid computing architecture will require a more robust edge infrastructure. In this session, we will discuss the challenges of this new architecture and question whether the industry is making progress against those challenges. We will also discuss industry buzzwords - ‘big data’, ‘artificial intelligence’, and ‘machine learning’ - and the current reality of harnessing this technology to solve the challenges at the edge.
    Bhagwati Prasad, VP, Business Development, Secure Power Division - International, Schneider Electric
  • 0920h
  • Asia’s Evolving Digital Landscape
    Bill Barney, Chairman and CEO, Global Cloud Xchange
  • 0940h
  • Asia Pacific Digital Infrastructure Leaders Forum
    Leaders from across Asia Pacific’s data center, cloud and edge infrastructure industry discuss the latest trends, technologies and strategies for the region’s industry. Analysing the completive landscape, views on infrastructure trends, emerging technologies and key developments to watch to define future market strategy.
    Chair: Jonathan Atkin, manging Director, RBC Capital Markets
    Bill Barney, Chairman and CEO, Global Cloud Xchange
    Michael Goh, Sr. Director, GM, Iron Mountain Datacenters
    Bruno Lopez, Group CEO, STT GDC
    Andreuw Th.A.F, CEO, Telin Singapore
    Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO & Co-Founder, Epsilon
  • 1010h
  • Panel Discussion: Asia’s Next Digital Hubs
    Hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong have lead the way, standing out as the leading data center and cloud hubs in the APAC market. However, where are investors and operators investigating as the next opportunity? What makes these markets a viable investment opportunity? And what are the local economic, business and technological ecosystems to support this? The panel will hone in on sample markets across the region and examples from the global digital industry.
    Chair: Joshua Au, Head, Data Centre, A*Star – Agency for Science, Technology and Research
    Nitipong Boon-Long, Commercial Director, SUPERNAP Thailand
    Agneta Evers, Partner, Hanko Data Parks
    Michael Hunter, Associate Director, Data Center Solutions, Advisory & Transaction Services, APAC, CBRE
    Andrew Rigoli, Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy, Equinix Asia-Pacific & Interim Country Manager, Singapore
    Kim Schultz, Special Advisor – Data centres & Cleantech, Invest in Denmark
    Narendra Sen, Founder & CEO, RackBank Datacenters
  • 1050h
  • Morning Networking Break kindly sponsored by Iron Mountain Iron Mountain
  • 1110h
  • Mapping the Edge – Analysis, Opportunities and Bottlenecks
    A huge amount of hype surrounds the term ‘edge’ with myriad definitions from a plethora of stakeholders. This presentation will highlight some of the key edge application models, infrastructure deployment requirements, key stakeholders, opportunities and current bottlenecks in adoption.
    Claude Achcar, Founder & managing Partner, Actel Consulting
  • 1130h
  • Panel Discussion: Infrastructure Investment – Appetite, Capital, M&A and Risk
    The region’s burgeoning economies are fuelling a seemingly insatiable demand for data center and other mission critical IT and communications infrastructure. Here we explore how investors and financiers view growth in the sector. How are debt and equity options changing? Where are key investments heading? How are deal structures changing? And how do they view the development of new edge and 5G infrastructures?
    Chair: Brandon Amber, Managing Director, Palladium Partners
    Bertrand Guiot, Head of Infrastructure Sector, Natixis APAC
    Carlos Katsuya, Chief Investment Officer, IFC
    Victor Kong, President & CEO, VK Capital Digital Funds Pte Ltd
    Sander Mutsaers, Director, ING
    Edmund Tan, Deputy Head, TMT Finance Asia, Credit Agricole CIB
    Wee Meng Thoo, Head of Investments, TMT Sector, Leonie Hill Capital
  • 1200h
  • Gain your Edge: Action-ready insights from peers and experts on actual architectures of the Edge
    Life on the Edge can be worrisome or overwhelming. Avoid analysis paralysis and theoretical jargon by leveraging insights from your industry peers who understand the ever-changing trends impacting your infrastructure and the criticality of your situation. As a result, you will leave this panel with lessons you can apply to your own business problems to help tackle the Edge.
    Chair: Paul Tyrer, VP Cloud & Service Providers, APAC, Schneider Electric
    Sophie Ben Sadia, VP Channel & Alliances – International, Schneider Electric
    Nishant Dave, Director Digital Transformation Office, Cisco Systems
    Allen Lai, Systems Engineering Senior manager, Dell Technologies OEM & IoT Solutions
  • 1230h
  • Keynote Presentation – Open19 Foundation
    Alan Chang, Senior Director of Server Products, Inspur
  • 1250h
  • Lunch
  • 1340h
  • Outsized Impact: Bringing the Edge and Serverless Together
    Remy Guercio, Lead, Edge Compute Product Marketing, Cloudflare
  • 1400h
  • Case Study: Edge Compute Node Deployment
    Zoe Zhuang, VP, Chindata
  • 1420h
  • Panel Discussion: A Changing Workforce for Changing Infrastructure Landscape
    Technological innovation has driven significant change in the landscape of mission-crtical infrastructure and the skillset required of today’s engineers and technical workforce is markedly different to that of just 10 years ago. Coupled with that an insatiable demand for talent from a very limited pool of qualified personnel across competing industry verticals and segments, the question must be asked how the mission critical infrastructure industries can support rapacious market demand. Here we explore some of the key changes in work force training, recruitment and development to meet future network requirements.
    Chair: Peter Hannaford, Founder and CEO, Datacenter People
    Joshua Au, Head, Data Centre, A*Star
    Clement Goh, CEO, Southeast ASIA, STT GDC
    Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, SVP & GM APAC & Japan, Red Hat
    Patrick McCreery, Global Head of Sales, Bridge Data Centres
  • 1450h
  • Panel Discussion: Enabling Smart Cities and Connected Economies
    Urban and rural areas are evolving to cater to changes in technology, while presenting new opportunities for improved public safety, connectivity and the overall experience of its inhabitants. Crucial to realizing the potential of these environments is the physical connectivity layer that supports the end goals of security, mobility and efficiency. This session will explore key challenges and best practices for connectivity that enables smart cities.
    Chair: Dean Bubley, Founder and Director, Disruptive Analysis
    Gordon Falconer, Chairman Advisory Board, UN United Smart Cities Group
    Philip Seow, CEO & MD, Variantz APAC
    Desmond Sim, Head of Research, SEA, CBRE
    Shehara Viswanathan, Lead Consultant, Advisory, Cisco
  • 1520h
  • Afternoon Networking Break kindly sponsored by Iron Mountain Iron Mountain
  • 1540h
  • Do 5G & IoT Hold the Keys to Edge Deployments?
    In many discussions about edge-computing, 5G is often highlighted as integral to the development of edge infrastructure – especially where it links to ultra-low latency IoT systems, or large volumes of automated data collection from sensors. Use-cases such as factory automation, connected vehicles and smart cities are often suggested. Other 5G-driven applications for consumers are also mentioned frequently, such as AR/VR and mobile gaming. But do the realities – both of 5G deployment and the promise of “industry verticals” really stack up? Are they genuine edge opportunities for either DC owners or mobile networks? How do these fit with smarter devices that rely less on the cloud, or telcos’ ow moves towards virtualisation? This session looks at various different perspective, and identifies the realities and the myths.
    Dean Bubley, Founder and Director, Disruptive Analysis
  • 1600h
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation – A Call for Open Culture
    Digital transformation brings with it a sense of disruption and opportunity. Surveys have shown that although many companies are engaged in some form of digitization, only a fraction have responded with a bold transformation strategy. This leaves many companies vulnerable. At the same time, technology and constant volatility mean that the traditional way of planning is dead. In this presentation, Red Hat’s APAC head Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen will explain why survival and success depend not just on upgrading computer equipment; importantly, it is a matter of business innovation and adopting the open culture for organizations.
    Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, SVP & GM APAC & Japan, Red Hat
  • 1620h
  • Balancing the Edge vs the Core – Where do you Deploy your Compute?
    Edge computing models are opening a new range of options when it comes to the sourcing and provisioning of IT services. What is the future of data center, cloud and edge services? How will application requirements determine where you deploy? And what will this mean for service management?
    Chair: Iain Gillott, President, IGR (iGillottResearch, Inc.)
    Rianne Van Veldhuizen, VP – Commercial Segment, IBM
    Sunil Gupta, CTO – Communication and Media Industry Vertical, APAC, HPE
    Manik Narayan Saha, CIO – APAC & Japan, SAP
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  • Chairman’s Closing Remarks
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