John Scharber

John Scharber is widely recognized as a leading expert in global networking and webscale distributed computing in the hosting, content distribution, and distributed compute fields. Currently, John is the Chief Technology Officer for Ericsson Unified Delivery Network (UDN) which is focused on building a globally distributed edge compute service aggregated within service provider networks. UDN is a product of Ericsson Innovation group which has incubated more than two hundred projects and is only the second project to be spun out into a full business unit.

Before joining Ericsson, John was CTO at VidScale which was acquired by Ericsson in April of 2018. He has a rich history of founding companies that have been acquired including being a founder of GlobalCenter which was acquired by Frontier Networks, Entera acquired by BlueCoat, Ban.io spun into EdgeCast acquired by Verizon, and he help found the Networks labs at Limelight Networks.

Currently, John focuses on Cloud Native frameworks and design patterns, distributed/edge computing, and ML/AI.

He attended San Jose State University majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and Computer Science. He also holds many patents about construction and operations of large-scale distributed systems.

Favorite quote “I don't deal well with bullshit and incompetence.” Werner Vogels VP & CTO at Amazon.com