Ameya Soparkar
Director Datacenter Infrastructure Engineering

Ameya Soparkar is the Director of the IT Competence Center for Rittal North America. A Mechanical Engineer by education he has around 15 years of industry experience in HVAC design, implementation, commissioning and management. Ameya commands extensive international working experience and has held multiple global roles. Over the years, he has designed, commissioned and audited over 120 data center projects in 35 countries worldwide. He worked in Asia for 5 years as an expatriate manager and established an engineering design center for a global IT company. He also held a global role managing a modular data center program. Expert in energy modeling, free cooling and TCO calculation, he led the development of the new version release of TRACE 700 that enhanced the energy modeling capability and accuracy of the software, and added TGG metrics, PUE and WUE to the calculation result. He has two pending patents for the research done on using fuel cells for data centers and has an MBA from the University of Maryland. He is located in the DC Metro Area.