Meet the Edge Masons

The first iMasons Edge meet hosted at the inaugural Edge Congress

4pm-6pm, 24th October 2018
Terrace Room 1 – Palmer Events Center

Infrastructure Masons Edge Infrastructure Taxonomy 1.0

Building on the glossary of Edge terminology now held by the Linux Foundation, a small group of senior iMasons is creating a taxonomy of Edge terminology as it relates to data centers. These “Edge Masons” have taken first cuts at some of the terms and is calling all builders of the digital age to improve it. This is the first in-person working meeting at which we plan to make significant progress towards the Edge Infrastructure Taxonomy 1.0. This work session is primarily for iMasons members but non-members are also welcome, subject to space available.

This initiative has been lead by:

  • Hugh Carspecken - Dartpoints (Edge Masons Lead)
  • Phillip Marangella - EdgeConnex
  • Smarak Bhuyan - Google
  • Matt Trifiro - VaporIO
  • Dean Nelson - Uber

Come join the Edge Masons, builders of the digital Edge!

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