Day 1 – 24 October, 2018

  • 7:30am
  • Registration Opens kindly sponsored by EdgeMicro EdgeMicro
  • 8:30am
  • Chairman’s Opening Remarks
    Iain Gillott, President, IGR (iGillottResearch, Inc.)
  • 8:40am
  • Opening Keynote Address: A Brave New World – The Impact Of Edge On Everything
    A fast-paced exploration of the technology and industry trends that are rapidly changing the data center, network, communications, and IT landscape as the end-user, device / system, sensor, and IoT explosion places real-time computational, data, and heuristic demands at the Edge. With a running commentary and thought-provoking discussion of social, environmental, privacy, and governmental implications as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence enable a brave new world.
    Jack Pouchet Jack Pouchet
    VP Business Development
  • 9:00am
  • Analysis: The State of the Edge
    A huge amount of hype surrounds the term ‘edge’ with myriad definitions from a plethora of stakeholders. To accelerate this complex ecosystem a common definition of edge and related concepts is required to fully understand the opportunities and current barriers to advancement.
    Jim Davis, Founder and Principal Analyst, Edge Research Group
  • 9:30am
  • Opening Keynote Presentation: From Buzzwords to Reality: Managing Edge Data Centers
    As the industry continues to embrace the opportunities presented by edge computing, one might question if we are at the peak of the Gartner ‘hype-cycle’. Regardless of hype, what seems certain is that the new hybrid computing architecture will require a more robust edge infrastructure. In this session, we will discuss the challenges of this new architecture and question whether the industry is making progress against those challenges. We will also discuss industry buzzwords - ‘big data’, ‘artificial intelligence’, and ‘machine learning’ - and the current reality of harnessing this technology to solve the challenges at the edge.
    Kevin Brown Kevin Brown
    Senior Vice President of Innovation & CTO
    Schneider Electric, IT Division
  • 10:00am
  • Edge Leaders Panel Discussion: Defining the Edge and the Impact on the Data Center
    Driven by an ongoing booming demand for IT services, data centers have seen substantial growth, and that is set to gain a new boost as the Edge becomes a reality. In this panel, industry executives will discuss how leaders can drive their business at the Edge, the barriers yet to overcome and what the edge can do for you.
    Chair: Iain Gillott, President, IGR (iGillottResearch, Inc.)
    Hugh Carspecken, CEO and Co-Founder, DartPoints Holdings
    Kit Colbert, VP & CTO, Cloud Platform Business Unit, VMware
    Philip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer, EdgeConneX
    Ty Schmitt, VP and Fellow, Extreme Scale Infrastructure, Dell EMC
  • 10:30am
  • Bringing the Cloud Closer to the Edge
    Discussion around the drivers of the Edge as it relates to cloud, and the benefits of a more distributed cloud architecture: how the proximity of the cloud to end users effects latency and in turn application performance, the user experience, and the ability for localized hybrid cloud deployments. Explore how service providers can and need to collaborate to bring an integrated solution to the end user to facilitate and accelerate the migration to the cloud and mitigate the adoption impediments to cloud.
    Chair: Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer, EdgeConnex
    Travis Broughton, Director of Technical Marketing, Open Source Technology Centre, Intel
    Alon Gavrielov, Infrastructure Planning & Growth, Cloudflare
    Will Pittman, Head of Sales East, Megaport
    George Karidis, COO, Packet
  • 10:50am
  • Coffee Break kindly sponsored by DartPoints Holdings DartPoints Holdings
  • 11:10am
  • The Era of Edge Computing Is Upon Us
    Jimmy D. Pike Jimmy D. Pike
    SVP and Senior Fellow
    Dell EMC
  • 11:30am
  • Panel Discussion: The Intelligent Edge – Advancing the Future of Society
    As massive data becomes ever more integrated and integral to our digital world, delivering a seamless experience with compute capabilities is imperative. This panel explores the technologies and consumer trends driving the vast demand and generation of data and infrastructure and software in development to address this.
    Chair: Dave Crowley, Senior Director of Global Network Acquisition Group, Microsoft
    Cole Crawford, Founder and CEO, Vapor IO
    Josh Noll, Head of Global Infrastructure and Acquisition, Twitch
    Josh Snowhorn, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, EdgeMicro
  • 12:00am
  • Best Practices for Smart City Connectivity
    Urban and rural areas are evolving to cater to changes in technology, while presenting new opportunities for improved public safety, connectivity and the overall experience of its inhabitants.
    Crucial to realizing the potential of these environments is the physical connectivity layer that supports the end goals of security, mobility and efficiency.
    This session will explore key challenges and best practices for connectivity that enables smart cities, including:
    • Risk Management
    • Network Performance
    • Power Optimization
    • Citizen Experience
    • Internet of City Things
    Andrew Jimenez Andrew Jimenez
    VP of Technology
  • 12:20pm
  • Networking Lunch kindly sponsored Schneider Electric Schneider Electric
  • 1:10pm
  • Edge: where we came from, where we are, where we’re going
    Hugh Carspecken Hugh Carspecken
    CEO and Co-Founder
    DartPoints Holdings
  • 1:30pm
  • Edge Computing, The Most Misunderstood Weapon of the IoT World
    Eric Simone Eric Simone
    Founder and CEO
  • 1:50pm
  • Panel Discussion: The Industry Edge – Where are the Current Deployment Opportunities?
    Beyond the hype, key applications driving demands of latency and scale at the logical extremes of network are made possible only because of edge. This panel takes a look at a select few to understand the drivers and challenges for specific industry verticals.
    Chair: Iain Gillott, President, IGR (iGillottResearch, Inc.)
    Aaron Allsbrook, CTO, ClearBlade
    Anton Kapela, CTO, EdgeMicro
    Mike McBride, Sr. Director, Innovation & Strategy, Huawei Technologies
    Brett Murphy, Senior Director, Market Development, Industrial IoT, RTI
  • 2:20pm
  • Panel Discussion: The Real World Edge– Current use cases
    Today’s edge will shape the edge of tomorrow! This panel of infrastructure leaders will share their practical experience while discussing common, experimental and visionary edge applications they see and support every day.
    Chair: Jack Pouchet, VP Business Development, Vertiv
    Hugh Carspecken, CEO and Co-Founder, DartPoints
    Sharif Fotouh, Founder/CEO, Compass EdgePoint
    Martin Olsen, VP, Global Edge and Integrated Solutions, Vertiv
    Philip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer, EdgeConnex
    Mark Bailey, Senior Distinguished Engineer, Extreme Scale Infrastructure, Dell EMC
  • 2:50pm
  • Evolution of Edge and Micro Data Centers
    Brian Hatmaker Brian Hatmaker
    Vice President
    Stulz USA

    Jeff Uphues Jeff Uphues
  • 3:20pm
  • Coffee Break kindly sponsored by DartPoints Holdings DartPoints Holdings
  • 4:00pm
  • Panel Discussion: Edge Computing and Digital Transformation – Identifying the Business Value and Where to Start
    Potential paradigm shifts in infrastructure services, such as edge are often held within the domain of IT projects. The impact, however, will be business/organisation wide. How can IT executives best highlight edge as a business-wide proposal rather than a pure IT project? And what factors need to be considered when analysing ROI and deployment? How do factors such as scale, geographical distribution, regulation, amongst others, impact the decision from a business perspective?
    Chair: Farid Singh, Founder, Take 3 Innovate
    Ryan Fay, Global CIO, ACI Specialty Benefits
    Sharif Fotouh, Founder/CEO, Compass EdgePoint
    Jon Herd, Senior Director, Business Operations, Limelight Networks
    Richard Newman, Founder and CTO, Reliant Solutions
    Dave Stubbs, SVP and CIO, Hudson Group
    Mark Thiele, CIO & CSO, Apcera
  • 4:50pm
  • Panel Discussion: Exploring Standards at the Edge
    With edge still in its infancy multiple edge definitions and standards appear to compete and perhaps contradict within the sector. Here some of the key standards bodies explore key definitions of edge, what these mean for edge developments and how we can take a more collaborative approach across projects.
    Chair: Thomas Burke, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation
    Rocky Bullock, CEO, Open Compute Project Foundation
    Gaurav Chawla, VP and Fellow, Dell EMC and EdgeX Foundry Member
    Mark Collier, COO, OpenStack Foundation
    Robert A. DeVita, Managing Director, Open-IX
    Rhonda Dirvin, Director, IoT and Embedded, ARM
  • 5:20pm
  • Panel Discussion: The Role of Automation, AI and Machine Learning
    The potential for edge services – such as IoT/IIoT – to generate vast amounts of data which may overwhelm legacy infrastructure. Cognitive computing enabled by AI and machine learning software such as AI play a key role in managing the load from cloud to edge and edge to cloud. This discussion examines how automation technologies can manage data at point of collection to ensure networks are not overwhelmed and can enhance agility and production.
    Chair: Ernest Worthman, Executive Editor, Applied Wireless Technology
    Bill Cockerill, Industry Verticals & Regional Sales Director. SWIM.AI
    Rob Hirschfeld, Founder & CEO, RackN
    Sri Sukhi, Founder & CEO, Solecular
  • 5:50pm
  • Chairman’s Summary and Close of Day 1
    Iain Gillott, President, IGR (iGillottResearch, Inc.)
  • 6:00pm
  • Edge Reception kindly hosted by Dell EMC Dell EMC

Day 2 – 25 October, 2018

  • 8:00am
  • Registration Opens kindly sponsored by EdgeMicro EdgeMicro
  • 9:00am
  • Chairman’s Opening Remarks
    Jim Davis, Founder and Principal Analyst, Edge Research Group
  • 9:10am
  • Gain your Edge: Action-ready insights from peers and experts on actual architectures of the Edge
    Life on the Edge can be worrisome or overwhelming. Avoid analysis paralysis and theoretical jargon by leveraging insights from your industry peers who understand the ever-changing trends impacting your infrastructure and the criticality of your situation. As a result, you will leave this panel with lessons you can apply to your own business problems to help tackle the Edge.
    Chair: Jamie Bourassa, VP Edge Compute, IT Business, Schneider Electric
    Steve Carlini, VP, Innovation and Data Center, IT Business, Schneider Electric
    Jason Collier, Co-Founder, Scale Computing
    Mark Provitola, MD, Global Micro/Edge Data Center Program, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • 9:40am
  • What is the Edge?
    The Edge is bandied about as a catch all phrase for the new Internet but what does that really mean? Time to level set and show the path forward to change the future of the Internet.
    Josh Snowhorn Josh Snowhorn
    Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
  • 10:00am
  • Panel Discussion: Finance & Investment Pt. I – Infrastructure Convergence at the Edge
    Edge services will require greater integration across layers of data center, telecoms and other communications and service infrastructure – alongside novel hubs and points of presence – creating new and overlapping investment and development opportunities. Our panel explore some of the key areas for cooperation and convergence in edge infrastructure investments and what this means for service delivery models
    Chair: Miles Loo, EVP, Newmark Knight Frank
    Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets
    Christof Hammerli, Head, Digital Infrastructure, Landmark Dividend LLC
    Phil Kelley, SVP Corporate Development & Strategy, Crown Castle
    Raul Martynek, CEO, Databank
  • 10:30am
  • Bridging the Gap: From the Mobile Edge to Vehicular Virtual Micro Clouds
    Dr. Onur Altintas, Fellow, Toyota InfoTechnology Center
  • 10:50am
  • Panel Discussion: Finance & Investment Pt. II – Key Edge Investment Markets and Development Strategies
    Edge services has aided in continuing the already voracious demand for compute and data center capacity. Our second investment panel examines some of the key deals we have observed in the North America market, the regions attracting investment, the trends these are indicative of and predictions for the next 12 months.
    Chair: Miles Loo, EVP, Newmark Knight Frank
    Jason Carolan, Chief Cloud Officer, Flexential
    David Dunn, COO, H5 Data Centers
    Jeff Ferry, VP, Goldman Sachs
    Patrick Fiel, Head, Corporate Development & Initiatives, EdgeConneX
    Anubhav Raj, Chief Financial Officer, Aligned Energy
  • 11:20am
  • The New Edge: Containerized Micro Data Centers
    Doug Recker, CEO and Founder, Modular Life Solutions
  • 11:40am
  • Coffee Break kindly sponsored by DartPoints Holdings DartPoints Holdings
  • 12:00pm
  • Panel Discussion: Is Latency the Primary Drive for Edge?
    Latency is often highlighted as the key edge catalyst with data intensive applications – such as video games, streaming and, soon, autonomous vehicles – proving too demanding for existing architectures. This panel explores the connectivity and technology requirements to drive down network latency, discusses whether latency is a simple location play and the key benefits and also the cost value consideration.
    Chair: Jonathan M Steinberg, Vice President, Strategy, Cartesian
    Haseeb Budhani, Co-Founder & CEO, Rafay Systems
    Neil Glazebrook, Director of Product Management, Edge Compute and IoT, Limelight Networks
    Nathan Moore, Director, Principal Software Engineer, StackPath
    Doug Recker, CEO and Founder, Modular Life Solutions
    John Scharber, CTO, Ericsson
  • 12:30pm
  • Edge and 5G Mobile Networks
    With its promise of speeds 10x faster than those of 4G, 5G is often highlighted as integral to the development of true edge infrastructure – optimising network speeds and driving expectations of low latency and always-on connectivity. This compute demand will require closer integration between stakeholders in the supply-chain. This session will explore the interplay between edge data center and mobile networks required to fully deliver the promised network optimisation.
    Mark Thiele, CIO & CSO, Apcera
  • 12:50pm
  • Panel Discussion: The Human Factor in Edge Infrastructure
    With a greater emphasis on highly dispersed network of micro data centers, towers, down to individual racks, servers, sensors and devices, how will this impact the skill requirements to maintain quality of service? Is there an adequate pipeline of skilled personnel in place to meet the challenges of an evolving and expanding infrastructure landscape?
    Chair: Peter Hannaford, Founder and CEO, Datacenter People
    Haseeb Budhani, Co-Founder & CEO, Rafay Systems
    Chandra Venkatapathy, Director, IoT Vertical Solutions, Dell Technologies
    Dave Meadows, Director – Industry, Standards and Technology, STULZ USA
    Brian Hatmaker, Vice President, Stulz USA
    Michael Ortiz, Chief Development Officer, DartPoints
    Donough Roche, Chief Operating Officer, Infomart Data Centers
  • 1:20pm
  • Case Study
    Nitin Rao, Head of Infrastructure, Cloudflare
    Josh Snowhorn, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, EdgeMicro
  • 1:40pm
  • Securing the Edge
    Edge networks and infrastructure will be an ecosystem in which data is managed in high volumes and with often very low latency requirements – often in an entirely automated environment. Data management and processing will occur at various stages in the network with vulnerability implications at each. What are the key security considerations to be aware of? With standards at the edge not yet universal, how can security best be managed? Learn about how cybersecurity architecture can act as the foundation for decentralized interactions in autonomous, edge-heavy, any-to-any ecosystems.
    Kip Gering, Senior Director of Business Development, Xage Security
  • 2:00pm
  • Chairman’s Concluding Remarks and Close of Conference
    Jim Davis, Founder and Principal Analyst, Edge Research Group
  • 2:00pm
  • Farewell BBQ kindly hosted by Vertiv Vertiv